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The Coinflect chain has one of the least hardware requirements of all blockchains available. Start earning while securing the ledger!
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Network Stats

With low fees and utility at any moment for a project. Get access to the many features of our platform
Total Stake:

263,778,504.16 CFLT

227 618 123

36 160 381

Validator Stake
Delegated Stake
Staking Ratio


Staking Rewards
Avg per year


Total Delegations
0 pending

1 571

Total Validators
0 pending

21 818

Validator Rewards

Holders are incentivized to stake their tokens and start earning while securing the ledger. It’s as simple as deploying a Coinflect node, stake your CFLT and earn CFLT rewards!

Block Minting

30% of the supply is monted into circulation over the course of 15 years which are accesible to validators minting the blocks. These rewards are delivered on top of earnings from transaction fees.

Transaction fees

Delegates are a valued are rewarded for helping to validate the ledger. earn rewards based on their weighted voting power. Start by choosing a validator and stake your holdings to the node. Validators disperses portions of their earned rewards to active delegates.

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Having one of the lowest hardware requirement makes validator creation easy with us. Start securing our growing network and get rewarded.
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Delegates help secure the networkssisting in validating the ledger. Rewards are earned when the amount in the participation of the consensus decisions. Simply use the delegation function to add Coinflect (CFLT) tokens to the validator of your choice to start earning.
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Defi Solutions
Coinflect offers a suite of safe, ready to use and permissionless utilities made for developers and loved by users.
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Developer resource that provides the essential concepts and recipes for building applications on Coinflect.
A manual for joining the coinflect ecosystem.
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Purchase Wrapped Coinflect (WCFLT) on the Binance Smart Chain from Pancake Swap.
Create and deposit Lp tokens to begin earning yield rewards on your WCFLT Holdings.
Purchase and deposit WCFLT tokens to earn yield rewards on your WCFLT Holdings.
Create your Coinflect wallet to bridge assets, delegate and validate transaction and interact with your preferred exchange.
Bridge your Coinflect assets between defi and cefi.  Keep control and access to go across chains as you need.
Coinflect Explorer
Explorer transactions, wallets, validators and delegates. Use this explorer tool to view all on chain interactions.
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Validate, mint and earn by supporting our network.
View network conditions, history and live updates.
Join the Coinflect community and speak with builders, holders and the development team.
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