Innovative DeFi Solutions Has Arrived for All Chains

Coinflect offers a suite of safe, ready to use, autonomus and permisionless utilities that are made for developers and loved by users.
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Lowest Fee Structure
Launch your desired utility at the low cost available. Instantly deliver defi utilities to your investors and focus on building your unique identity.
Cross-Chain Availability
Choose the EVM Chain utility that works for you. dApployable will take care of the rest. We aim to lower the barrier of entry and development cost to help sustain any budget model on the chain of your choice.
No coding required! Utilities launched with dApployable no build times or wait times. Take control of your project and choose what and when to launch your utilities.
dApployable is available to use anywhere by anyone at anytime. You remain in full control of your timeline and when to launch your utility.

Defi Solutions

Built with tried and tested code. Coinflect offers tools to help builders grow their projects and empower the investments of their holders.

Staking Pools

Engage your community to utilize their token holdings by offering perpetual staking pools. Create yield for users and help support your TVL.
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LP Stake Farms

Lower your tokens price impact by increasing your liquidity value. Decentralize your LP pool by creating yield staking for your LP pair. Users will earn while still maintaining the true nature of DeFi.
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Liquidity Lock

Lock LP on our trusted platform and maintain positive sentiment in your community. Simple solution, big impact.
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Token Vesting

Vesting made simple. Choose the amount and time your tokens will be locked for. Give the option of scheduled withdrawals and transfer ownership to the user. Users have the added benefit of being able to harvest reflections/rewards and withdraw at your created times. No further actions are required from the developer.
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Defi Solutions
Coinflect offers a suite of safe, ready to use and permissionless utilities made for developers and loved by users.
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Developer resource that provides the essential concepts and recipes for building applications on Coinflect.
A manual for joining the coinflect ecosystem.
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Purchase Wrapped Coinflect (WCFLT) on the Binance Smart Chain from Pancake Swap.
Create and deposit Lp tokens to begin earning yield rewards on your WCFLT Holdings.
Purchase and deposit WCFLT tokens to earn yield rewards on your WCFLT Holdings.
Create your Coinflect wallet to bridge assets, delegate and validate transaction and interact with your preferred exchange.
Bridge your Coinflect assets between defi and cefi.  Keep control and access to go across chains as you need.
Coinflect Explorer
Explorer transactions, wallets, validators and delegates. Use this explorer tool to view all on chain interactions.
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Validate, mint and earn by supporting our network.
View network conditions, history and live updates.
Join the Coinflect community and speak with builders, holders and the development team.
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