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Start building and prepare for our Mainnet launch and profit from the fastest and cheapest chain available

The Coinflect Blockchain Provides Three Operational Chains

Developers will have the ability to launch smart contracts, Web3 Dapp Development, NFT minting, Metaverse, Gaming and Launchpad/ICO hosting.
Coordination Chain allows clients to create subnets, add validators to subnets and create blockchains.
The Exchange Chain allows the coin to create or delegate to validator nodes. It can also be traded on exchanges or other centralized gateways (CeFi).

Designed for Speed and Sustainability

Get used to lightning speed and affordable transactions. The Coinflect chain provides numerous benefits for both developers and users alike.
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Fast Speed

The faster your transactions are processed, the more time you can devote to growing your own business. With Coinflect, you'll have the opportunity to work with one of the fastest blockchains in the world.

Low Fees

Faster transactions are an opportunity for lower fees. Spend the money to grow your business and we will take care of the prices.

Minimal Hardware

Coinflects PoAS is among the lowest energy consuming chains based on hardware requirements. Using the Proof of Authority Stake Algorithm, no special hardware is needed.
Bridge your WCFLT to other chains and exchanges in the most secure way. To keep the circulating supply of CFLT unified accross all chains, the bridge operates a mint and burn protocol on the exiting tx.

Supporting DeFi for All Chains

Deploy instant utility for your token with the only secure, low fee and permissionless platform for defi.
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Liquidity Lock

Lock your liquidity tokens quick and securely on the safest platform in the space. With our pre-withdrawal notification built into each lock, give investors peace of mind that have their investment and best interest in mind.

Token Vesting

Shouldn't you ownership of what gets vested for you? Dapployable allows the transfers of vesting ownership so users can keep all the benefits of your token. Great for reward/reflection tokens, private sale and institutional investors.

Staking Pools

Start offering your holders no lock / no fee* harvesting. Take advantage of the lowest fees and a permisionless ecosystem to create your staking pool. From dual rewards to single token pools, find the right solution that fits your project and empowers your token.
*dApployable does not require users to lock tokens to stake. Users of dApployable services are not charge a tax or usage fee to harvest. Standard on chain gas fees apply.

Yield Farming

Creating yield growth opportunities for your token shouldn't be so hard. We’ve made it as simple three steps: create, contribute, earn. With options that require no lock to locking and earning 30% more yield, dApployable provides flexibility for developers and investors.

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Defi Solutions
Coinflect offers a suite of safe, ready to use and permissionless utilities made for developers and loved by users.
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Developer resource that provides the essential concepts and recipes for building applications on Coinflect.
A manual for joining the coinflect ecosystem.
Buy Coinflect
Purchase Wrapped Coinflect (WCFLT) on the Binance Smart Chain from Pancake Swap.
Create and deposit Lp tokens to begin earning yield rewards on your WCFLT Holdings.
Purchase and deposit WCFLT tokens to earn yield rewards on your WCFLT Holdings.
Create your Coinflect wallet to bridge assets, delegate and validate transaction and interact with your preferred exchange.
Bridge your Coinflect assets between defi and cefi.  Keep control and access to go across chains as you need.
Coinflect Explorer
Explorer transactions, wallets, validators and delegates. Use this explorer tool to view all on chain interactions.
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Validate, mint and earn by supporting our network.
View network conditions, history and live updates.
Join the Coinflect community and speak with builders, holders and the development team.
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